Friday, September 10, 2010

Quotes of the Day

ἀγεωμέτρητος μηδεὶς εἰσίτω. (Let no one ignorant of geometry enter here.)
Motto above Plato's Academy
"The man convinced against his will is of his first opinion still," says Hudibras.
Plato's Gorgias
We must begin with the mistake and transform it into what is true. That is, we must uncover the source of error; otherwise hearing what is true won't help us. It cannot penetrate when something is taking its place. To convince someone of what is true, it is not enough to state it; we must find the road from error to truth.
It is Berkeley's merit to have realized that the Cartesian-Newtonian philosophers, seeking to account for a seeable world, succeded only in substituting a world that could in no sense be seen. He realized that they had substituted a theory of optics for a theory of visual perception.
L. Susan Stebbing

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