Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Geometry of the Visual Field

Hannes Ole Matthiessen, a philosopher from Fribourg, Switzerland recently organized a conference where Reid scholars, phenomenologists, and psychologists discussed questions concerning the geometry of visual space
He is currently planning to publish the papers held on the conference in some kind of joint publication, preferably a reasonably good journal special issue, and there is still room for a couple of more authors. Since the interdisciplinary character of the conference shall be preserved in the publication, both philosophical and empirical papers are welcome. Please contact Hannes at

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Localization of the Mind

Confusing two systems of spatial relationships, one physical, the other perceptual, has long contributed to insoluble paradoxes and puzzles in the philosophy of mind and perception. In this monograph I start with Eddington’s famous example of the “two writing tables” and explain how we must distinguish between “two heads,” the one we know from perceiving our own and those around us, the other the physical head as studied by neuroscience. Their properties are quite different. The perceptual head is composed of sensations (qualia) whereas the physical head is composed of biological matter only.