Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Statement of aims of the SVSGroup

The goal of the multidisciplinary Structure of Visual Space Group is to elucidate through theoretical analysis and empirical research one of the most important aspects of the problem of consciousness that is at present in a state of some confusion, mostly due to errors in reasoning and inadequate conceptualization. We will focus on the inextricably interconnected but specific questions as to the structural nature of visual space—its phenomenology, topology, geometry— what it contains, how it is ‘constructed’, its relation with ‘external’ physical space, and how it is related to Gestalt theory in psychology, correlated brain events, and to corollary theories in modern physics and cosmology (in particular brane theory).
Anyone is free to read the blog. Anyone wishing to post material on the blog is invited to contact either William Rosar (wrosar@ucsd.edu) or John Smythies (smythies@psy.uscd.edu) for information on how to do so. Please attach a short CV when you contact one of us.

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